New platform expands beyond “retail investors”

When first opened its digital doors in 2010, it solved several challenges for issuers including:

  • It gave companies the flexibility to hold a virtual roadshow at their convenience, not on an arbitrary annual or quarterly schedule. PR Newswire understands that news happens when it happens and companies need to tell it on their schedule.
  • It brought a professional, transparent venue to micro and small-cap companies – far away from the pump-and-dump promotional world. This was especially important for the long-term holders that comprise the BetterInvesting membership.
  • It gave large, heavily retail-held companies an open platform to interact with their individual investors. The textbook example is Aflac who has presented each and every quarter since 2010.

Cheerfully, as we begin the cross into 2015, we’re evolving: introducing – the new evergreen investor conference destination. 

Our event environment includes a presentation auditorium and a trade show hall.  It's open to all investors 24/7/365.

Our interactive event environment includes a presentation auditorium and a trade show hall. It’s open to all investors 24/7/365.

Why the subtle change? Simply, the world has outgrown the phrase and the sleepy inferences of “retail investor” – and so has our platform. This is an excellent example of the depth of interaction we witness in real-time in our live conference environment.

Another tangible indication is Deutsche Bank’s ADR group uses our platform each quarter to virtually connect international companies equally to Wall Street and Main Street investors. And no one has to travel. Overall, we’re seeing a larger mix of portfolio managers and other “professional” investors on the platform and it’s time we reflected that within our online environment.

One important but not so subtle change: Since 2010, we’ve lowered the price for companies to present by almost half. That’s right. Lower.

What has not changed? The environment is simultaneously open and free to all investors alike.

I invite you to join the December 4th event. Go to now and pre-register.

Have a great day

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  1. What happened to Munc?

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