How Investors Consume Content Q#13: When you are reading an Annual Report, what format do you prefer?

A great quote about printed annual reports came out of last week’s PRSA Webinar: The Content That Motivates Investors:

“It just so happens that your friend here is only MOSTLY dead. There’s a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. Mostly dead is slightly alive.”

 ~ Miracle Max

Oops. Wrong quote! This is the quote – but it’s follows the same path:

“Very, very surprising to us [from our research] the extent to which the buy-side utilizes the annual report. They have it on their desk of the companies they own all year long, they refer to it all year long and the thing is dogged-eared by end of the year.”

~ Brian Rivel, Rivel Research

There is no question that hardcopy versions of annual reports are in decline since the adoption of Notice and Access. However, judging by our research below and Rivel Research’s buy-side analyst intelligence, print remains to be slightly alive. In fact. 47% seems more than just slightly. 


Click image to enlarge.

Annual report fulfillment, like ALL shareholder communications, is a  mosaic of media and messages.  For discussion, take a look at a “perfect” annual report right here.


You don’t need a miracle to meet your shareholder expectations and find solutions that balance their needs with your budget.

We help issuers prepare for their next annual report budget by auditing their most current annual report, page-by-page.  Simply upload your 2013 annual report PDF here.

Have a great day

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