Congratulations Rivet: celebrating when a partner gets more power

Equity Administration Solutions, Inc. (EASi) today announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire Rivet Software, our partner for bringing superior SaaS portal power to our fleXBRL program. Vintage is the #1 sales partner for Rivet’s Crossfire solution.


Collectively Rivet and Vintage deliver to clients the ability for automating their XBRL data to flow from a source accounting system, manage documents and spreadsheets in Microsoft Office, file to the SEC and complete all print services, such as S-1 Drafting and Filing, Formatting, Typesetting, Investment Relations, and Deal Management.

The EASI acquisition gives Rivet a Red Bull of opportunity. From the announcement:

“We are very excited about the benefits our customers will receive from this union,” said Madelaine Rohan, Rivet Software CEO. “Our clients will not only continue to receive excellence in technology, services and support from the same industry leading team, but they will also gain from an expanded solution footprint and additional financial strength and investment.”

We are very pleased for the hard-working team at Rivet – and we look forward to them flexing their muscles with new ideas that will continue to improve our clients’ XBRL filing workflow experiences.

A link to a XBRL SaaS comparison checklist can be found on this page.

Have a great day.

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