Who are the next Investor Relations Officers? (…and a final #selfie w/ Jeff Morgan)

125 attendees are gathered in Boston this week for The National Investor Relations Institute’s (NIRI) Fundamentals of Investor Relations Seminar. This 3.5 day seminar is NIRI’s “IR 101” – and in addition to North America, the “students” (and current clients) fly in from across the globe: Brazil, Egypt, Iceland, India, Mexico, Netherlands, Palestine, Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Between the formal sessions, coffee refueling and our sales demonstrations (to thunderous applause), we conducted an attendee study to learn exactly how this Freshman Class of IROs is built.

Where did you come from?


Are you a new hire or an internal change?   


There are no grand conclusions here, other than IR is predominantly a financial role – and many of the sessions have a heavier focus on the communications aspects of the IR role. That’s probably an easier path than trying to teach a marketing guy about GAAP reconciliation.


It’s also important to take a pause here and wish Jeff Morgan, NIRI’s exiting CEO, a sincere and fond farewell. Jeff became the CEO of NIRI in 2007 and immediately sculpted a business environment that takes expert care of IR practitioners and service providers alike. As Jeff said, “we’re all NIRI members.”


Break a leg, Jeff!

3 responses to “Who are the next Investor Relations Officers? (…and a final #selfie w/ Jeff Morgan)

  1. Jeff is better looking than you, Brad!

  2. I second that opinion! ROFL!

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