A stunning example of treating retail investors with transparency and respect

It’s time to stop calling retail investors “Mom & Pop” and give them the respect that is due. The web (and RegFD) has done a superb job of democratizing investment research – allowing the retail (Individual) investors to be as important as Institutional investors… if equities will allow them to be important.

Organovo Holdings understands this – and their dedication and practical perspective towards Main Street has undoubtedly driven their company and shareholder value up… including a listing migration from the OTC Markets onto the NYSE.

The executive team at Organovo is also transparent and fearless. This image below is from the open Q&A chat that immediately followed Organovo’s September 11 RetailInvestorConferences.com online roadshow presentation. 100% open chat. 100% unfiltered. Hard questions from smart investors. Transparency at it most tangible.


Click image to enlarge. Look how many question they answered PLUS another 50 during the slide presentation!

I understand that “retail investors” are not everyone’s cup of tea, often touting IR bandwidth as a reason. That’s basically true, however a well-planned IR website (with the right content)  combined with  consistent, sincere outreach (i.e. Aflac presents once a quarter with us) and the extra effort  may be imperceptible yet the reward meaningful.

Lastly, please note how the CEO at Organova closes the chat out. “Sign up for email alerts at http://ir.organovo.com/investors/email-alerts/”  So smart.

Have a great day.

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