What is content marketing? Why, it’s merely investor relations for products and brands.

This week, 2,500 very passionate content marketers have descended on Cleveland to attend Content Marketing World. We’re a huge proponent.

How pundits define content marketing: transparent storytelling for products and brands. However, rather than telling those stories through traditional media and paid channels like “advertising,” companies own their own…

“…media channels and create passionate subscribers to the brand. To do this effectively, we need to create valuable, impactful and compelling content on a consistent basis…”

~ Joe Pulzzi, CEO, Content Marketing Institute

“Valuable, impactful and compelling content.” Or as we say in the IR space… material disclosure.

Click here to download our exclusive study sourced from 40,000 responses.

Click here to download our exclusive study sourced from 40,000 responses.

Investor relations departments are the quintessential content marketers– specifically because they cannot embellish from the facts at all. They cannot buy ads promising any benefit. What IR does is tell their corporate story by offering an engaging mosaic of facts (past performance), introduce the drivers (senior management) and then continue to publish relevant content via landing pages (IR website), webinars (earnings calls), infographics (stock charts) and multimedia events (virtual investor conferences).

This constant nurture cultivates trust with the prospect (called the “investor”) and well as current clients (called “shareholders”)

One essential aspect of content marketing is communicating what the targeted audience deems important to entice them to engage more. What is relevant to your investors?  Read our ongoing study “How Investor Consume Investor Relations” sourced from over 40,000 responses from both individual and institutional investors.

Download it now.

Have a great day.

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