How Investors Consume Content Q#9: Do you use an iPad or similar mobile smart device for your stock research?

Initiating an “IR Mobile Strategy” sounds really really really complicated. It once was…but it is not anymore.

You just need to assure your IR website is what is called “responsive.” Responsive simply means the IR website recognizes if the viewer is looking at the site on a desktop / laptop or on a smart device – and then adjusts the view for optimal display in real-time. Furthermore, responsive design will recognize the size of an individual smart device’s screen a la’ phone (tiny) or tablet (not as tiny) and re-adjust accordingly.  A native (free-standing) app is also a sound strategy as many investors are very fond of the speed of apps.

Is mobile important? Yes, as over half of investors report they are mobile with their equity research.


Click image to enlarge.

If you would like a deeper dive into mobile strategy, take a glance at this blog post.

Lastly, and coincidentally… our IR Room MST clients enjoy both responsive design AND a native app. Request info here.


Have a great day.

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