Boy, when Washington says “JUMP,” EGC IPOs jump!

As reported by the New York Times today…

“Companies have been going public this year at a pace not seen since the dot-com bubble. Investors can thank Washington for that.”

JUMPSTART87% of all U.S.-listed initial public offerings this year are Emerging Growth Companies (EGC).

EGCs are defined (partially) as firms with less than $1 billion in annual revenue. These firms are eligible to file under the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act. You can read more about ECG JOBS qualifications here.

A very important aspect of the JOBS Act is that companies can file a Confidential IPO – to “test the waters.” After that test they can decide to continue to go public or postpone their IPO till their story or the market is more accepting.

In 2013, 88% of all EGC IPOs were confidential. Of course, there is no measurement of the Confidential IPOs that postpone.

We’ve worked with both Confidential (and traditional) EGC IPOs. The flexibility that the Vintage Transaction Team delivers brought an intelligent value for their (precious) dollars. The expertise that the Vintage Transaction Team delivers makes sure the file is executed correctly.

Download our whitepaper to get an understanding of the IPO process workflow with the SEC.

Have a great day.

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