How Vintage became the intelligent value for public companies

The feedback we received from clients, partners and other stakeholders regarding the relaunch of Vintage was affirming. We have become the industry’s intelligent value. Depending on whom you ask here, we’re either the Honda of XBRL, the Target Store of IR services or the Jetblue / Southwest of IPO transactions.

What is intelligent value? For a Vintage client, it’s the flexibility to receive a superior service at the appropriate scale to their business goal. And what is that appropriate scale?  That’s for a client to decide, but generally it is the Venn middle of cost-effective and intrinsic-importance.



Case examples:

An OTC Markets-listed company is a SEC reporting organization. They are doing all they can to be transparent while finding new investors. Unfortunately, the fee quoted for XBRL from an old-school financial printer seems “aggressive” and will drain an inordinate percentage of budget for the size of the issuer – reducing their overall budget for shareholder communications. Wisely, above cost, the issuer is equally concerned about quality and don’t want to switch to an “XBRL garage band” vendor nor a new, untried firm. Our fleXBRL Core solution delivers their intelligent value.

BONUS: They also find additional intelligent value by negotiating a bundle that includes shareholder communications (news distribution and their IR website)  with the XBRL.

A NASDAQ-listed mid-cap is going to issue more shares. They need to draft and file a new S-1 registration with the SEC, but as they have been public for quite a while, the registration is not as “passionate” as their IPO. It’s just paperwork. The S-1 working group is very small and don’t require to meet face-to-face. They don’t need the indulgence of a mahogany conference room. They do need accurate typesetting. A 100% Virtual Transaction delivers intelligent value.

BONUS: Fortunately for them, they are an existing PR Newswire client, which gives them a buying power boost.

Each day, more examples are being created. The bottomline for all these clients (and prospects) is be creative and precise with what you require to receive as intelligent value. Address your business goals. Don’t buy more than you need, but certainly don’t settle for less.

Are we the Kleenex of EDGAR? I can’t answer that really, but we are the #3 largest filer.

Have a great day.

9 responses to “How Vintage became the intelligent value for public companies

  1. Brilliant

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