What to consider for mobile communications to investors

In the new book, The Mobile Mind Shift: Engineer Your Business to Win in the Mobile Moment (Ted Schadler, Josh Bernoff, Julie Ask), much of the book’s premise speaks of The Mobile Moment. The Mobile Moment is “the instant in which your customer is seeking an answer.”

The book gives clear examples, air travel being an obvious one: book my flight, check my flight, delay alerts about my flight, bar code my boarding pass and so on. Certainly, urgency and immediacy are germane for the travel customer.

But what about mobile for investor relations? What is “the instant in which your [investor] is seeking an answer?” Hopefully, your shareholder communications moments are NOT driven by urgency and immediacy (crisis communications), but by a moment of convenience.


“I want to view $XYZ’s investor PPT on my train commute into the office. I want to review $XYZ’s recent 10-K in Starbucks. I want to listen to the $XYZ’s earnings call on my couch. In my underwear.” Urgent, not. Immediate, perhaps. Convenient, absolutely.

Remember – no one is trading off an IR website, mobile or desk browser. Investors don’t visit your IR website for real-time quotes. Investors visit your IR website for careful due diligence research – as clearly reported in our “How Investors Consume Investor Relations Content” study. They may not be trading at that Mobile Moment, but they are making decisions.

To guide executives to create a mobile strategy, The Mobile Mind Shift’s authors recommend three concepts to define a mobile offering:

  • Intensity: whether it is appropriate to connect with customers on mobile.
  • Expectation: the level of urgency to build a mobile site.
  • Behavior: the features customers are ready for.

These are the drivers that you need to discuss within your department. Understandably, as a shareholder communications service provider, we’ve already walked this path for you. Our IR Rooms have two Mobile Moment Matchmakers: responsive design and theIRapp. Offering both assure that regardless of their behavior, you address both the intensity and expectation of each individual (professional or retail) investor.

Have a great day.

2 responses to “What to consider for mobile communications to investors

  1. Charles Gough

    Excellent blog.

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