…Tuesday, Wednesday, Kudosday…



If you work in the corporate compliance and securities law niche, you know clients are very close-to-the-vest in regard to “testimonials.” That said, our staff gets a lot of praise daily – and we can’t not share the good news (anonymized for privacy). Sales can offer you full named references.

Here is this weeks’

KUDOS_quoteKudos to Typeset Bureau

Many thanks for turning it so quick! Because of your speed, if it’s OK with you folks, we’d like to change the date on the filing and try to file it today. (Please see attached for our requested change to the date for my signature).



KUDOS_quoteKudos to S-1 / Transaction team

Congratulations to everyone for getting the first amendment filed!! That is another great milestone to achieve. Everyone’s hard work, especially at the end, is greatly appreciated, especially by the company. Let’s hope the SEC responds quickly and with very few remaining comments!.




KUDOS_quoteKudos to Entire Team

Yesterday was very smooth. The team was very responsive and quick to release our 6k.




KUDOS_quoteKudos to Individual Account Representative

I also really appreciate how you took ownership of some of the problems we encountered and provided solutions so that we were able not only to file on time but to do so accurately. I hope Vintage and PR Newswire value what a great asset you are – I could not imagine having the comfort level I have in working with you that Vintage will make it happen.



Thanks to our experts!

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