How long is the Confidential IPO and SEC ping-pong match? 74 days

pingpongAs they posted today, the Wall Street Journal reports that the average time period that companies spend in the confidential phase working out their IPO registration with the SEC is just 74 days.

Why is it a ping-pong match? Download our white paper (click here) and you’ll graphically understand.

Important note: unlike a true game of ping-pong, this Confidential IPOs and SEC game is not a competition. It’s really about working, checking and amending to assure complete transparency toward shareholders when the final offer is public.  As we’ve commented before, the term “confidential” infers spies and secrets. That’s not the case. These emerging Growth Companies are being cautious (in a very competitive and fickle marketplace) for many sound reasons.

From the WSJ

The Wall Street Journal analyzed the previously confidential IPO filings of 209 U.S. companies submitted to the SEC since Oct. 15, 2012.

Agios Pharmaceuticals Inc. had the shortest consultation period, at 18 days, while fast-food chain Potbelly Corp. had the longest of the group, at 289 days. Agios and Potbelly confirmed the findings.

If you have access to the WSJ, the full article is here.

To lean about our S-1 and transactions team, watch this brief video now.

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