Investor relations benchmark 2: Do you use slides on your quarterly call?

The next question in this new infographic series came from a meeting where we spoke about how PR and IR were not the “converging” practices, but actually IR and “content marketing” – which is webspeak for telling stories rather than posting advertisements. That’s ALWAYS been investor relations.

One of the favored web communication drivers is visuals (like our infographic below)…and from our 365 Shareholder Confidence study, we KNOW investors like visuals. In fact, over 90% of investors told us that seeing slides during your earnings webcast would help them better understand your company’s financials and future. (view that infographic here)

But how many IR departments are making slides for the call? More than expected, but still a bit of a disconnect from what investors would like.


Our view? The marketing opinion for 2014 IR is do not dwell on “social media” yet. Concentrate on creating and delivering desired RICHER content into your existing communications channels first.  Then you can use that same content elsewhere. 

What do investors want? Download this white paper.

2 responses to “Investor relations benchmark 2: Do you use slides on your quarterly call?

  1. Brasley, you are the only non annoying vendor. We don’t use slides now. Can we submit questions for you to ask? Thanks

  2. Hello Jenn ~ Yes, email me your suggested question > LOL ! Not being annoying is part of our mission statement, right after “deliver superior services.” (many thanks)

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