Re-visiting Re-balancing for 2014 (video)

Why has Vintage been successful this year? One reason is that when we talk with clients and prospects, we present a strategic cross-departmental perspective regarding our tactical products. We first introduced this POV last year and it continues to ring true – especially as many of our meeting are C-suite.

This quick video explains. Once it starts playing, be sure to click the HD button, upper right. Apologies in advance for “the spokesmodel.”

It is essential that you minimize your XBRL spend. Per the video, there is a lot of outbound opportunity trapped in there.

Safe travels to you and yours this holiday weekend.

5 responses to “Re-visiting Re-balancing for 2014 (video)

  1. You have a face for radio! Very nice Brad.

  2. So I have been told. And told. And told…. :)

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