Twitter’s recent upgrade is useful for investor relations’ lurking

Yesterday, Twitter announced a product upgrade called custom timelines. It’s an extremely useful tool to filter and sort tweets that are (perhaps) germane to your company and to your day.

It’s your free and easy “listening portal.”

For those of us already using TweetDeck, it’s not exactly brand new – we discussed this prior here.

The beauty of TweetDeck is you can set up columns that will follow a particular, filtered name or topic. Obviously you would set up a column with your cashtag ($TICK) as well as separate columns with just your ticker (TICK) and your company’s full name. I would also suggest you set up columns with a couple of your peers’ and competitors’ cashtags.  

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From our IR benchmarking study Q#1, we know that Twitter and StockTwits are not active outbound shareholder communications for IR. But for inbound news and and sentiment, TweetDeck is excellent. Beyond your cashtag, you can create columns for anything business AND personal: ie @NIRI, #NEPatriots, @TheDailyShow and your high school teenager’s @Par-tayBoy666 Twitter account.

If you are looking for a risk and hands-free “jump-start” to using Twitter and StockTwits to get your press releases into their streams, I suggest you download and read this whitepaper. 

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