Expert Webinar: The IPO Process and Avoiding the Pitfalls – November 20

Webinar: Taking Your Company Public: The IPO Process and Avoiding the Pitfalls

Going public is the endgame for many emerging companies but it’s not an easy path. We’ve brought together experts to speak on steps to success.

November 20th, 2013 ~ 2:00 PM ET  Register here!

The months-long process starts with retaining a law firm to engage in the tedious process of assembling the detailed public disclosures needed in the Initial Public Offering prospectus that is included in the SEC Form S-1.

Next follows the interviewing and selecting of the investment bank or group of investment banks that will handle the underwriting to set the price and lining up the large institutional investors needed for a successful Wall Street rollout.

Finally, leading up the IPO, company executives engage in a road show to meet with analysts, stock portfolio managers and mutual fund managers as well as prepare for ongoing investor relations.

Featured Speakers:

  • Daniel Goldberg, Esq., Partner ,Reed Smith LLP
  • David Bocchi, Head of Investment Banking, Aegis Capital Corp.
  • Jeff Corbin, CEO, KCSA Strategic Communications.

Host and moderator:

  • Seth Farbman, President, Vintage Filings – a division of PR Newswire

vf_WEBCAST_buttonTopics include: 

  • Understanding market requirements and the groundwork for an IPO
  • Is it the right time for you to start the IPO route?
  • The Form S-1 Registration process – timeline and life cycle
  • The Jobs Act and IPOs
  • Exchange listing discussions
  • Shareholder communications / Investor relations

To prepare for this webinar, please download this whitepaper guide that illustrates the “back-and-forth” interactions an IPO will have with the SEC. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.


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