Investor relations benchmark 1: Do you “tweet?”

This first question of this new infographic series came from a client discussion. The client was more than a little frustrated at the barrage and band wagoning surrounding social media and IR.

We spoke about the report NIRI issued in June, however more granularity was requested – specifically as the conversation initiated from our Twitter and StockTwits “how-to” whitepaper.

They wanted peer stats on the direct use of Twitter and StockTwits from within investor relations departments. Not the corporation’s use, not the brand’s, etc. Just the IR department organically.

If you complete the study’s math, under 8% of IR departments tweet themselves organically. The verbatim comments are very to-the-point.


Our view? Shareholder communications is a mosaic. Targeting your message and energies (aka marketing) is important. Twitter and (especially) StockTwits have a bazillion investors reading the streams ~ getting your news into those streams in a risk and burden-free manner would be good communications.

That’s the advice in our Twitter and StockTwits “how-to” whitepaper.

Have a great day.

7 responses to “Investor relations benchmark 1: Do you “tweet?”

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