Facebook’s content ranking algorithm and IR

social_media_donut-590x590While the PR world has been in deep discussion about Google’s recent search algorithms changes, the marketing world have been working to understand Facebook’s content ranking algorithm ~ and how their August update controls what Facebook members see in their news feed.

The company canvassed thousands of its members to define which content is shown how and when. There are 100,000 influences can affect what a member reads. Facebook’s drive is to deliver relevant CUSTOM content to each individual member. Marketers are working to understand this proactively. Much of the algorithm’s emphasis is based on corporate pages and commercial content.

Why this matters to investor relations: 

Companies that have Facebook outreach as a proactive marketing-based media need to make sure their promotional firms are aware of the changes. The bottom-line is that bad content will do badly.

The other point IR needs to be aware of is regarding “material disclosure.” Just because you post something is Facebook does not mean it will post how and when you think it will. Certainly, no one is using Facebook alone for material disclosure. Part of the shareholder communications mosaic.

Have a great day.

PS:  PR Newswire is an NYSE subsidy provider too. We also know that switching a former-Thomson IR site is easy. 

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