Two reports offer a comprehensive view on Main Street investors

Blog karma. Yesterday’s posting of the Shareholder Confidence 365 Study result on annual reports flows perfectly into the new ProxyPulse report from Broadridge and PwC. The ProxyPulse report is a very worthwhile read.  

As an obvious companion report, I biasly recommend our Fall 2013 How Investors Consume Your IR Content report (download link on the right). Together, these two reports offer the most comprehensive view on Main Street.

From the Broadridge and PwC report, I especially like that they are challenging the Board of Directors to think (and ask questions) about retail. From ProxyPulse:


  1. What is the institutional and retail mix of our company’s share ownership?
  2. Do we fully understand the impact of retail voting at our company?
  3. How does our company’s size and mix of institutional and retail ownership impact the voting participation of our shareholders?
  4. Does the company have a communication program that allows for adequate engagement with all shareholders?
  5. How does our company’s shareholder support compare to that of our peers?
  6. Does the company anticipate a close shareholder vote on a sensitive issue?
  7. Are there situations where additional outreach to retail shareholders might make the difference on a close or sensitive voting issue?
  8. Do we understand the concerns of significant shareholders who may decide to vote against one or more of our directors, and/or pay plan, and what have we done to engage them?
  9. Have we done sufficient cost/benefit analysis of our distribution method(s) for proxy materials and its effect on voting participation?
  10. Have we had sufficient discussions around potential changes to how the company distributes proxy material?


The value of retail (individual) investors varies from company to company. Beyond standard corporate transparency, how Main Street is courted is up to the issuer. The IR department creates their communications strategy that follows that value – and just like a marketing function, you focus where the money is.

Our job is to help our clients reach individual investors as efficiently as possible. An obvious example is – where 17,000 investors have opt-ed in to listen to company presentations month after month.

A less obvious example (but timely in juxtaposition to the NYSE “no more Thomson subsidy to Nasdaq” announcement) is our IR Room MST investor relations website service. We’ve added new functions that are intuitively proactive toward individual investor communications.

  • Includes a mobile app for fast, simplified access to your IR content. Safe to assume mobile is very important to retail’s research as institutions will still weigh heavy on their Bloomberg-esque portals
  • Includes a risk and hands-free solution to post your news releases into the StockTwits and Twitter streams – two networks ripe with individual investors and traders. This brief explains this newsflow.

Retail may not move your needle, but they are an outspoken group. Understanding what they want and what the do is key. Check out the reports.

Have a great day.

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