“Procedurally Perfect in Every Way”

This week’s XBRL.US conference in Las Vegas brought many corporate XBRL managers and corporate accountants to the Vintage Filings booth to discuss their XBRL process and our fleXBRL program. As you can imagine, the SEC filing “world” has been rocked dramatically in the past few years – with the XBRL workflow monopolizing the conversation.


What was most enlightening (shocking!) is how fragmented the other procedures of corporate reporting remain. Most corporations are using different providers for:

  • SAS portal for XBRL
  • Straight-up EDGAR filing
  • Hardcopy printing (including annual reports)
  • Typesetting
  • Transactions and registrations

… as well not using their newswire to cover and submit their 8-K news releases. One company told us they are working four different portals for their 10-K alone.

Simplifying workflow is a lesson that IR has learned well. Align as many TACTICAL procedures as you can to give yourself more time for STRATEGY.

Being “Procedurally Perfect” with Vintage Filings has another benefit. You won’t need a spoonfull of sugar when you get our invoice. Billed as quoted, no surprises aka: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Have a great day.

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