fleXBRL is our Ace-in-the-hole at the XBRL.US National Conference in Las Vegas

ace_flex2The smartest and most enthusiastic denizens of XBRL are coming together next week at the XBRL.US National Conference, September 22- 25 in Las Vegas.  


“Join public company preparers and auditors for two intensive days of training and education on XBRL for SEC reporting, plus updates on implementing new accounting standards in XBRL formatted financials. Sessions will be interactive and hands-on with an emphasis on practical case studies designed to ensure you walk away with knowledge and tools that can be applied immediately back at the office.”

Practical case studies will be extremely important this year as all reporting companies, all exchanges, are filing in XBRL. There are a lot of ups, downs and ah-ahs to learn from.

The very point of “being practical” is where the Vintage Filings experts attending the conference will be blending in. Our fleXBRL program was built to be practical (and flexible). Rather than forcing our clients to adjust their workflow to fit a certain XBRL filing methodology, the fleXBRL program offers solutions that match our clients’ workflow, the complexity of their financials, their prowess of XBRL within their accounting team and…budget of course.

Lastly, back to “smartest and most enthusiastic denizens of XBRL,” please be sure to attend Wednesday’s  3:45 pm panel:  XBRL Essentials: More Best Practice. Vintage Filings’ own Ron Schechter, CPA, will be joining Campbell Pryde, President and CEO, XBRL US and others to discuss issues such as the use of shares, handling dividends and more, all drawn from consensus decisions reached in the XBRL US Best Practice Committee.

I have NO idea what that is. Phew. Good thing I am attending too! 

Have a great day.

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