The push for push it

Ooh babybaby. Babybaby. Ohh babybaby. Bababababy.

For obvious reason, active traders and investors love to be up-to-the-second on their holdings. That’s what mobile does best for investor relations content. It pushes instant IR alerts to stakeholders that want IR alerts wherever they happen to be. Interuptive alerts. 

Coincidently with the TheIRapp news (blogged here today) StockTwits just announced a major upgrade to their mobile app for Android and iPhone for their 300,000 registered members.


Chief amongst the upgrades is alerting.

StockTwits’ members can set very detailed alert criteria for both individual companies ($LIKEYOURS) as well as on experts that frequently discuss your company or sector. To be redundant: It pushes instant IR alerts to stakeholders that want IR alerts wherever they happen to be.

If you are still unclear on the difference between StockTwits and Twitter, I suggest you download this whitepaper here.

The whitepaper also suggests how you can send your news – with RegFD confidence – over StockTwits and Twitter… and onto many key financial portals’ social media feeds at once.

So what does this mean in regard to PR Newswire helping our investor relations clients?

Our investor relations product, IR Room MST, automatically sends your news to StockTwits members. As prior, as a niche, we’re past the discussion phase “is mobile important for IR.” Now we’re in the “how effortlessly and affordable can I get it” phase. That’s why we rolled it into IR Room MST. Easy to implement. 

For additional IR Room MST details, click here.

Have a great day.

2 responses to “The push for push it

  1. Nasdaq should have kept you.

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