19,503 stakeholders can’t be wrong about mobile IR

Jeff Corbin, co-Founder of theIRapp, released some great numbers this week on the steady popularity of mobile content use by stakeholders.

” Total number of downloads of apps published by theIRapp: 19,503

Total individual pages of IR content viewed through theIRapp-published apps: 456,193″

Easy-to-launch, turnkey solution simplifies a public company’s  2013 mobile shareholder communications strategy

Our own Shareholder Confidence 365 study provided some pretty impressive numbers on investor’s use of mobile.

TheIRapp is integrated into our investor relations website product, IR Room MST. What this exactly means is we’ve created a single CMS system for your IR website and your IR app. This 1.) saves IR departments time managing content and 2.) assures that your audiences – no matter how they prefer to receive and read your IR news –  are always getting the same content.

As a niche, we’re past the discussion phase “is mobile important for IR.” Now we’re in the “how effortlessly and affordable can I get it” phase. That’s why we rolled it into IR Room MST. Easy to implement. 

For additional details, click here.

Features and functionality include:

  • Push notifications alerting investors when new investor information is available
  • Automated posting of PR Newswire released press releases
  • Information sharing via social media channels and email
  • Automated, real-time stock price information
  • Immediate downloads of SEC filings
  • Video streaming
  • Audiocast conference call streaming
  • Corporate materials such as fact sheets, presentations, or marketing materials
  • Analyst coverage
  • Listings of upcoming events
  • Google Analytics

You can read Jeff Corbin’s full post here.

Have a great day.

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