I’ll IPO when I’m damn good and ready!

If you are a pre-IPO company, there is a key research report published by Timothy J. Keating, founder and President of Keating Investments. Mr. Keating performed detailed analysis of IPO pricing for the past 12.5 years to see if there was a strategically opportune time for a company to price. I encourage you to download (PDF) this report. It is a very accessible read.

From his research:

 “Contrary to conventional wisdom, and after allowing for prevailing technical market conditions, the IPO market is in fact systemically open most of the time

… On a systemic basis, the IPO window is in fact consistently open throughout the year—except for those weeks in which there is a holiday, or around a holiday.”

windowNYSEWhat does this mean to our S-1 registration clients? Plan your IPO pricing when you are confident with your financial ducks and IR messaging. The market will be here for you.

Preparing for an IPO is a monumental task. As you’ll see in this white paper, the S-1 draft registration ping-pong with the SEC alone can be stressful – especially if you have added an ill-advised “IPO Window” deadline.

The S-1 registration and your IPO pricing has to be perfect. It’s your first impression to build shareholder confidence with the broad market. Set your own deadline for success.

If you are interested is a weekly email recap of IPOs and all SEC transactions, please opt-in here.  It’s the same as we post here each week.

Have a great day.

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