Forbes: PR Newswire ranked #1

Wow. It’s always nice to be surprised with good news – and I certainly consider the Forbes article “The Press Release Revolution: A Wire Services Comparison Test” as “good news.”

From Forbes:

“Now for our overall results for the wire services who successfully achieve WSJ postings. A drumroll, please:

First Place: For number of pickups, PR Newswire – at the time of this writing, they had 37,000 WSJ results. (Note: These results are for WSJ pickups only. Other sources have noted that on the whole, PR Newswire and Business Wire are roughly equal for overall press posting results.)

Second Place: Business Wire, with 27,400 results.

Third Place: Marketwired, with 14,100 results.

Fourth Place: Globe Newswire, with 7,400 results.

Fifth Place: Thomson Reuters, with 2090 results.”

For investor relations, the article brought up a very important reminder regarding news distribution to major financial portals – and for us, the discussion is in context to “web disclosure” (which is the practice of sending a truncated news release or even NO release.)

Public company newsflow is ticker database driven. If you are practicing pure web disclosure and only posting news to your IR website, you are not getting into the stream. As you will read here, only one-third of investors receive news directly (web disclosure) from the company. If you need to truncated your news from a full-text releases (…mostly earnings), AOK, but I would suggest speaking with your account representative too. Perhaps you are not “strategically shopping” for services correctly.

Many thanks to the authors of the Forbes article and their research. 



Have a great day.

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