The Strategic Shopping List that we suggest to public companies

I was pleased to participate as a panelist on this week’s industry webcast titled The IPO and Beyond…Experts Provide Insights about Preparing for Life as a Public Company. In concert with this series, I believe we are the only service organization that can tactically work with a client right from their initial (pre-IPO) in-house S-1 drafting session (watch our video) all the way to getting their shareholder communications tools launched (IR website, earnings call, news distribution, etc.) and certainly their EDGAR and XBRL regulatory filings.

Due to this in-house organic breadth of services, we created the “strategic shopping list” that we suggest to public companies.

The strategic shopping list has three buckets.This list does not name products or services, nor is it by department. It is by goal.

  1. Compliance
  2. Transparency
  3. Communicate

The next questions we ask:

  1. Which goal are you spending the most money on?
  2. Which goal will best help your company grow?

Without fail, “compliance” tends to be the “most money” answer and “communicate“ as the answer for “help company grow” – which for IR generally means acquiring more investors.

And there lies the problem… the answer to both questions must be the same. At least that’s how we build budgets in marketing.

Above: Out of balance.

Above: A better balance – same spend, just reallocated for growth.


FIRST UP: Compliance

Lower your compliance costs… remember, there is no “luxury compliance.” Compliance is a binary function – you either are or are-not. Tactically, XBRL is an obvious discussion here. Without exaggeration, clients who have switched to us from the high volume XBRL provider have saved five-figures. Those five-figures are better spent on growth initiatives.

Click here to match-up your current XBRL workflow to see what an appropiate spend should be.  We’ll discuss Transparency and Communicate in later blogs.

Have a great day.

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