JOBS Act success at ground-level

With the passing of the general solicitation section of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act last week, the capital markets and political pundits have been busy. Mostly negative. True, the Act did not “jumpstart” IPOs as much as was dreamt, but rather than highlighting what HAS NOT happened, how about a little media for what HAS happened – a real-world testimonial?

Enter Forbes guest post by Kenneth I. Moch, the President and CEO of Chimerix, Inc. Full disclosure / bragging: Chimerix worked with Vintage Filings for their confidential IPO filing transaction.


From Mr. Moch:

“It is too early to predict the long-term impact of the law, much less the performance of companies whose lead products are still in clinical trials. But there’s no question that the JOBS Act has cleared a critical path. My company, Chimerix, used its “on-ramp” provisions to great effect in our April 11th IPO, in which we raised over $117 million. In the life sciences field, where companies face unique funding, regulatory and clinical development challenges, the JOBS Act is a lifesaver.”

Please read the full Forbes piece here.

Certainly, at the macro view, we need to watch the JOBS Act to see if the relaxation of some regulatory disclosures and steps for emerging growth companies has ushered in any new flavor of securities fraud. But at the micro view, company-by-company, IPOs like Chimerix -lead by transparent CEOs- are pure success.

If you are interested in the IPO S-1 filing process, be sure to grab our newest white paper. The link is at the top of the right column.

Have a great day.

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