White Paper: How your IPO S-1 filing flows to-&-from the SEC

Have you ever illustrated a paper trail? That’s what we did for this brief white paper… we visually drew the step-by-step ping-ponging of getting an S-1 file through the SEC. It’s a very practical and tactical overview.

You can download the paper here. We do ask you to opt-in.


Preparing an S-1 file for the SEC is a stressful and time consuming chore for a corporation and its team of advisors. To help our corporate clients and as a helpful tool for our law firm partners, we’ve created this brief workflow guide that illustrates the “back-and-forth” interactions an IPO will have with the SEC.

There’s no mystery to the role a financial printer holds in the process – in fact, Vintage Filings is built on our transactional transparency: no surprise fees, no unexplained or hidden charges. In fact, in reaction to the scathing reports of the egregious billing practices of many financial printers that were uncovered in the mid-2000s, our executives realized that their core values of accurate work with a predictable fee structure was needed for registrations’ drafting and transactions filing work.

Have a great day.

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