Video thrilled the virtual investor conference star

The NYSE wrote an excellent blog last week about virtual investor conferences. Coincidently, IR magazine’s June issue printed a sidebar about the topic.

From the NYSE:

“An even more dramatic result was achieved by Deutsche Bank’s American Depositary Receipts Group. The bank held its first virtual investor conference in September 2012, and reported a 70% increase in audience participation in its second conference in March 2013. The bank said the audience for its virtual investor conferences has been mostly retail investors with a growing number of buy-side and sell-side analysts.”

One point that was not discussed was the use of video – an especially useful tool for Deutsche Bank’s Asia-based event last week. This was their third event with us.


The senior executives at these companies thought it was especially important to look USA-based investor in the eye as they presented their companies. Clearly, this is a smart decision juxtaposed to the trouble some unethical China-based companies posed last year.

Virtual conferences:

  • No travel
  • Preferred content for investors
  • Online content with a shelf life
  • Archive works 24/7 at investors’ convenience

And, we just happen to have the industry’s only 365 virtual conference platform.

Have a great day.



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