Let your investors do the “social” half. You just do the “media” half.

When social media was first proposed to investor relations, the buzzword “engagement” frightened the bajeebers out of most everyone. That’s not too inappropriate, considering social media was generally marketed as a personable connection. About as unRegFD-ish as you can get.

TWITTERTALK4Where are we now? Well, many marketing (ahem) and client service departments are successfully using the social aspect of social media to connect, one-on-one, with customers… but IR is still fraught with apprehension. It’s time to wipe the slate clean and redefine what social media can do for investor relations.

Clean slate one: Social media, particularly Twitter and StockTwits, have both evolved to become proven news streams. That’s the safe and easy opportunity for shareholder communications.

Clean slate two: You do not have to engage with your investors in social media. But you do need to start feeding investors your content so they can “talk amongst themselves” and be social with each other with your news. The buzzword here is “amplification” of your message.

Clean slate three: For now, simply treat social media as any news media channel in your quiver. Investors do use social media for news. Begin by sending out your existing news releases in Twitter and StockTwits. That’s it. No two-way interaction. No new content. No “engagement.” Just send out your news.

Click here to download our communications brief that discusses this in detail. I do ask you (please) to opt-in. Yes, someone from sales will probably call you too, but that’s not so bad. #winkwinknudgenudge.

Have a great day.

3 responses to “Let your investors do the “social” half. You just do the “media” half.

  1. Great post! In such case just listen the media and half of the battle:) Thanks!

  2. Social media tools allow you to engage your existing clients and employees too; they can become involvedin therecruitment process passing on information to interested friends and colleagues. This again opens up a whole new network of potential business.

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