IR Awards honor Mary Beth Kissane with Lifetime Achievement in investor relations, corporations rewarded for best practices

One again, IR Magazine’s annual IR Awards brought together hundreds of investor relations professionals to a black tie event to honor our own. Thursday’s night’s gala was hosted Ali Velshi, chief business correspondent of CNN.

As you’ll see in the photos below, good will was abundant. Special congratulations to Mary Beth Kissane, Principal at Walek & Associates, for receiving the Lifetime Achievement award. How can you not honor someone who demonstrates great transparency and access by bringing her Mom! (photo number two below)

Speaking of photos, too many faces to label with captions. If you would like a high-res copy, shoot me an email:  Clicking on an image will enlarge it.

PR Newswire and Vintage Filings are proud to support the people and companies that champion the mission of investor relations. We like to think of ourselves as part of that group. 

ir_awards2013_1 ir_awards2013_10ir_awards2013_2ir_awards2013_3ir_awards2013_4ir_awards2013_5ir_awards2013_6ir_awards2013_7ir_awards2013_8ir_awards2013_9
ir_awards2013_11 ir_awards2013_12 ir_awards2013_13 ir_awards2013_14 ir_awards2013_15 ir_awards2013_16 ir_awards2013_17 ir_awards2013_18 ir_awards2013_19 ir_awards2013_20 ir_awards2013_21 ir_awards2013_22 ir_awards2013_23 ir_awards2013_24 ir_awards2013_25 ir_awards2013_26 ir_awards2013_27 ir_awards2013_28 ir_awards2013_29 ir_awards2013_30 ir_awards2013_31The nights’ winners:

  • Grand prix for best large cap overall investor relations: Covidien $COV
  • Grand prix for best mid-cap investor relations program: Broadcom $BRCM
  • Grand prix for best small cap investor relations program: ViroPharma $VPHM
  • Best IR large cap professional: Coleman Lannum, Covidien $COV
  • Best IR mid-cap professional:  Jeffrey Chastain, Noble Corp. $NE
  • Best small cap  IR professional(s): Robert Doody & Will Roberts, ViroPharma $VPHM
  • Best IR by a large cap  CEO/chairman: Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan Chase $JPM
  • Best IR by a mid-cap  CEO/chairman: Jack Fusco, Calpine $CPN
  • Best IR by a small cap CEO/chairman: Jon Bortz, Pebblebrook Hotel Trust $PEB
  • Best IR by a large cap  CFO: David Anderson, Honeywell $HON
  • Best IR by a mid-cap CFO: Thomas Conforti, Wyndham Worldwide $WYN
  • Best IR by a small cap CFO: Gregory Browne, Cyberonics $CYBX
  • Best financial reporting: Intel $INTC
  • Best use of technology for IR: Danaher Corporation $DHR
  • Best investment community meetings: Intel $INTC
  • Best corporate governance: Intel $INTC
  • Most progress in IR: Maxim Integrated $MXIM
  • Best sustainability practice: FedEx $FDX
  • Best IR during a corporate transaction: Express Scripts $ESRX
  • Best crisis management: JPMorgan Chase $JPM
  • Best IR for an IPO: ServiceNow $NOW
  • Best IR by an Asia-Pacific company in the US market: Silicon Motion Technology Corp $SIMO
  • Best IR by an European company in the US market: Roche Holding $RHHBY
  • Best IR by a Latin American company in the US market: BM&F Bovespa

Have a great day.

6 responses to “IR Awards honor Mary Beth Kissane with Lifetime Achievement in investor relations, corporations rewarded for best practices

  1. Having known Mary Beth during my entire career at NIRI and having been a guest lecturer at her graduate school class in IR at NYU many times, I can’t think of a person more deserving of the Lifetime Achievement award. As a person with a law degree and a true IR professional, she has always stood for greater transparency and disclosure. Kudos Mary Beth. Lou Thompson

  2. It’s nice when nice wins.

  3. Mary Beth, it’s refreshing to know that nice people don’t finish last. Congrats on an honor that’s well-deserved, for all that you’ve done for IR and continue to do. You set a high bar as an example for professionalism!

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  5. MIDI question in relation to learning how to play favorite songs on Piano/Keyboard.?

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