Infographic & question #15: Do you read written transcripts of a company’s earnings call?

More insight regarding how investors consume investor relations content as our Shareholder Confidence 365 Study continues.

Almost 50% of your investors read transcripts of your earnings call. Where are they getting that transcript? From you directly? Probably not… the vast majority of investor relations departments don’t post their transcripts on their IR website. You should.

Two reasons why: 1.) you always want to rule supreme as the absolute resource for content about your company and 2.) content marketing methodologies only work when you attract people inbound to your IR website. Essential content, like earnings call transcripts, will draw your shareholders and potential investors in.

You always have your earnings call transcribed anyway. It’s valuable content investors want. USE IT to your benefit.

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2 responses to “Infographic & question #15: Do you read written transcripts of a company’s earnings call?

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