XBRL Webinar with Calcbench – featuring their insights on the Columbia Business School report

XBRL connoisseurs were VERY active online yesterday regarding the recent report from the Columbia Business School. If you read the report and the footnotes (not DFN’d), you would have seen that Calcbench (XBRL.US 2012 XBRL Challenge Winner!) contributed some of their insights and experience.

We’re pleased to invite you to a webinar with Calcbench. They’ll share more about how and what they do and offer any of their opinions.  Links below.


XBRL! It Dices! It Slices! How XBRL can be consumed and modeled by Analysts

A free webinar with Calcbench, XBRL.US 2012 XBRL Challenge Winner!

Calcbench is one of the first data providers to fully harness the power of the new, government mandated data standard called XBRL. This enables you to gain an unprecedented direct line into the SEC corporate financial data repository. As a result, we provide our users a whole new level of detail, faster, and at a much better value than other providers. Financial professionals use the Calcbench web platform or our various APIs for everything from benchmarking, and valuations, to auditing and economic research.


CalcBench_PNPranav Ghai, MS < Calcbench Co-Founder 

Pranav Ghai is an analytics professional who has built expert systems which interact with information and return actionable ideas. Most of his professional career has been based in financial services, with time spent at Morgan Stanley and ITG. He is also a contributing member to the Microsoft Technical Computing Customer Advisory Board. Pranav graduated with an MS in Applied Mathematics from the Courant Institute at New York University and a BS from Bates College.



Ariel Markelevich, Ph.D., CMA > Calcbench Chief Product Development Officer

Ariel Markelevich is an Associate Professor of Accounting at the Sawyer Business School of Suffolk University in Boston, MA. Dr. Markelevich has studied the adoption process and implementation of XBRL in different countries and the benefits of the use of XBRL based information. Dr. Markelevich serves on XBRL US’s Communication Steering Committee and on the IMA’s XBRL Advisory Committee. Dr. Markelevich earned his Ph.D. in Accounting from Baruch College – CUNY and his Master’s degree in Accounting and Finance at Tel-Aviv University in Israel.

This webinar is moderated by: Ron Schechter CPA, XBRL Manager, Vintage Filings

Oh, BTW… please click here to learn about our XBRL solution.

Have a great day.

2 responses to “XBRL Webinar with Calcbench – featuring their insights on the Columbia Business School report

  1. Since the Columbia Business School Study focused primarily on the need of investors and analysts, much of its findings can be used by data Analysis companies like CalcBench to enhance the financial parameters used in their formulas and ratios

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