Free guidebook for accounting professionals and law firms: 2013 Proxy Statement Reporting Rules


The third book in the series!

We are pleased to provide you with our annual updated edition of the SEC 2013 Reporting Rules for Proxy Statements.

This publication is an excellent reference source for legal and accounting professionals and corporate executives.

In this publication, we present the rules in a “userfriendly ”format by presenting the portions of Regulation S-K that are referenced in the proxy rules immediately following the Regulation S-K reference, thus making it easier to review the complete disclosure requirements.

In addition, we eliminate many cumbersome citations and provide “”plain English”” rule references.

  • FREE!
  • 300 pages
  • Up-to-date for 2013 including VERY VERY VERY in-depth information
  • Detailed table-of-contents for quick reference

Click here to request your hardcopy guidebook. 

Click image below to view Table of Contents.

2013 Reporting Rules pROXY mATERIALS

Have a great day.

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