Tagging on YOUR terms. (XBRL)

Our fleXBRL program is helping clients evolve their XBRL workflow from a totally dependent external process into a collaborative internal process.


Each company has their own reason for this step: generally the drivers are 1.) they have over three years of “practice” with and understanding of XBRL, 2.) final acceptance that XBRL ain’t goin’ away and 3.) the strong desire to have a more holistic role throughout the process.  Also, to point #2 – many companies are hiring XBRL experts into their financial reporting group.

fleXBRL, as it sounds, is a flexible XBRL solution: clients can BEGIN with a complete support model and slowly – at THEIR pace …quarter by quarter… take full, final control.

XBRL is no longer about SEC compliance. It’s now about speed and workflow flexibility.

Tagging on your terms. Please share with us your XBRL workflow here.

Have a great day. 


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