IR Room App – alerts and convenience

I don’t need to explain to anyone that tablet and smart device use escalates each day. You can gauge that for yourself per it seems every other television commercial is for a smart device or a wire plan. More analytically, we also have our investor survey coming out with data on smart device ownership by investors.

What I do want to explain is, in my opinion, the #1 benefit of implementing an IR Room App: the news and SEC alerts display to investors. News and SEC files are the top “inbound marketing” content investors want. The IR Room App assures that your mobile investors will see your company’s momentum. This is a screen capture of my iPad.

 The IR Room App is "perfectly priced"

Convenience is a subjective term. In this context, it refers to the 24/7 anywhere attributes of mobile devices. Investors and media will read your news at their pace and with the more focused intimacy that tablets offer… while others will see the breaking news and instantly act (Buy! Hold! Sell! Punt!) on the news.

2013 IR needs a mobile strategy, even if it’s a “lite” version to start.  The IR Room App is VERY easy-to-launch for your department. Learn how effortless it is to get your own app.

Have a great day.


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