Experts speak on XBRL data quality: free webinar replay

This week’s free webinar was excellent, a very deep dive into the importance of XBRL quality and the risk associated with not taking responsibility for your filings’ quality.

Click here to watch the presentation. 

  • Ron Schechter CPA, XBRL Manager, Vintage Filings discusses the different aspects of quality management as well as tools to help you assess true quality:  0:00 – 38:00
  • Mike Willis, see bio and topics below, talks on risk and offers smart, straight-up truths about XBRL in application: 38:00 – end. 

Also, a key point to quality is filing on time : )  Click here to download your free 2013 SEC Filings Calendar.


In 2013, the quality and internal control of your XBRL filings will be more
important than ever. For many issuers, the SEC’s limited liability window
may lift, adding new pressure for XBRL quality.

XBRL Data Quality: Beyond Validation and the Importance of XBRL

M_Willis_PWCFEATURED EXPERT: Mike Willis, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Founding Chairman XBRL International

Mike Willis has more than 26 years of accounting and auditing experience and is a partner with PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Mike served as the Founding Chairman of XBRL International. Mike has served in a number of roles within the XBRL community and currently serves on the International Steering Committee as Vice-Chairman. He speaks frequently, publishes papers and blogs on the topic of business reporting. Mike has been interviewed for or published articles in the Harvard Business Review, Financial Times, Business Week, Wall Street & Technology, CFO Magazine, and CIO Magazine.

Topics include:

  • Common errors and the need for high quality reports
  • What constitutes quality as it relates to XBRL data
  • Using XBRL to articulate your financial information to the capital markets
  • XBRL data in use – Who, Why, How

This webinar is moderated by: Ron Schechter CPA, XBRL Manager, Vintage Filings

To keep on deadline for all your 2013 filings, click here to download your Free 2013 SEC Filings Calendar.     

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