What do you expect from your investor relations website in 2013?

Coincidentally, last week’s news that Nasdaq OMX is buying the investor relations assets of Thomson Reuters was announced on the same day we announced several new enhancements to our investor relations website, IR Room. Thus, the discussion here is about “investor relations websites.”

2003 (!) was the first published year of “Trust & Transparency – Best Practices for Building Shareholder Confidence Through Communications.” (mercifully, I shortened the title in the subsequent years’ printings)


I dug up an old copy from the cellar archives and as I dusted off to review this rare First Edition one point was clear… hardly anything has changed in ten years. It seems that many best practices are now really average practices.

Can your investor relations website be more than a nicely branded collection of data feeds? Can an investor relations website help an IRO bring investors through the decision pipeline in a smarter, targeted manner? Yes.

That became the starting point for our new IR Room enhancements and our mission to transform the investor relations website into a meaningful and measurable expense. The end result is the technical integration of the content marketing methodologies that will produce “ROI for the IRO.”

ROI for the IRO is our marketing-speak for using your investor relations website to measure and expand the effectiveness of an investor relations department. At this point, we invite you to use the link below and schedule a demonstration of the content marketing methodologies that have been called “fantastic” and “impressive” by our clients. 

Please click here to learn more.

Now, more than ever, is the perfect time to re-evaluate how helpful your current investor relations website is for building relationships  and a perfect opportunity for considering switching to realize the impact our IR Room can add to your success. IR Room will work harder for your investor relations department than your current investor relations website.

Oh, before I forget… may I also suggest that you pull out your Thomson or Nasdaq /Shareholder.com investor relations website contract? No reason. It’s just good to review such things every so often.

Have a nice day.

One response to “What do you expect from your investor relations website in 2013?

  1. Those guides were excellent Brad.

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