The power of content marketing (via investor relations)

This week, we supported another content marketing conference  – the Inbound Marketing Summit, Boston. In addition to exhibiting, I participated on a panel to discuss Agile Marketing and was interviewed by The Pulse Network to discuss content marketing (I have a face for audio webcasts, no slides).

Besides content marketing, the video interview veered to investor relations (as a function) and its general view on content marketing. Sadly, IR recently showcased a great example of the power of content marketing.

Last Thursday was the perfect storm of three content market strategies aligning simultaneously: 1.) story  2.) timing and 3.) context. Look at the results. It happened in moments.

Had Google’s earnings story been positive, would the drop been different? We all know that answer. But that’s moot.

Working with the story we have (missed expectations), the topic of timing is the discussion. If the 8-k was not mis-sent dabsmack center during the trading day but sent after the market close as the company planned, the IR team would have had both the conference call and the subsequent hours til market open to execute investor relations with their shareholders – to explain the story in context of the future steps and adjustments for the company: IE guidance.

1.) story  2.) timing and 3.) context.  Investor relations and content marketing have a lot in common.

Have a great day.

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