The mosaic of shareholder communications

The National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI for you out of the core niche) have been producing excellent survey information from their membership.

Their most recent paper is a survey regarding companies switching exclusively to a web disclose model for the broad release their material news.

This model came from a 2008 revisiting on 2000’s RegFD regulation. In context of IR, web disclosure refers to the practice of public companies distributing their material news via their own channels and networks rather than using a newswire.

Frankly, we’ve never focused on this – we are a vendor.  We are OBVIOUSLY biased toward any “best practices” that prefer the use our products. Instead, we just focus on “best products” and totally trust that clients and prospective clients can decide for themselves what strategy works for best for them and for their shareholders.

Read the NIRI report here.

Please review their report. My read on the NIRI report is that shareholder communications (like any modern marketing) is a mosaic of media and messages. Coincidentally, we doooooooo happen to have shareholder communications tools that touch all the communication points discussed in the study.

Newswire, IR websites, earnings webcasts, SEC filing: regardless of the individual tiles in your IR mosaic with us, we are thankful for your business.

Have a great day.

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