Why is PR Newswire’s IR guy so jazzed about content marketing?

Content marketing is the very core of investor relations. What do I mean by that? Let’s first look at how the pundits define content marketing: it’s storytelling.

However, rather than publishing these stories through traditional media and paid channels like “advertising,” companies own their own (as Joe Pulzzi, Content Marketing Institute states) “media channels and create passionate subscribers to the brand.  To do this effectively, we need to create valuable, impactful and compelling content on a consistent basis everywhere our customers are hanging out (online, print and in-person).”

Investor relations departments are the quintessential content marketers– specifically because they cannot embellish from the facts at all. They cannot buy ads promising ANY benefit. What IR does is tell their corporate story – generally by offering a mosaic of facts (past performance), introduce the drivers (senior management) and then sit back and hope the “customer” (often called the “investor”) buys.

Transparent, authentic storytelling = investor relations

Another indication of IR’s hidden affinity for content marketing first appeared when I brought David Meerman Scott, the King of “Content is King” to the NIRI Annual Conference to launch the industry’s breakthrough best seller “The New Rules of Marketing and PR.” Frankly, we were unsure how the “IR crowd” would embrace the topic…the room was standing room only and closed with great applause.

(David, above, is keynoting at HubSpot’s InBound12 conference, Tuesday Aug 28th, Boston. We are a sponsor.)

The mosaic theory is not new to IR. It IS newer to us product marketers, mostly as social media has given us a stronger opportunity to build our own publishing network in balance with existing traditional channels.

Need help with your IR mosaic strategy? Take a look at our Capital Markets Visibility 365.

Have a great day.

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