SEC compliance is like pregnancy


You either are or you are not.


(spoiler alert – this is a sales pitch post)

Our clients figured this out almost ten years ago when Vintage Filings first launched our EDGAR filing solutions.  Our processes and service methodologies (aka: no overtime hours, black lining included, etc ) reshaped how many issuers EDGAR filed with the SEC. It also saved companies thousands of dollars compared to the then status quo solutions.  And guess what? Issuers who switched to Vintage Filings were just as compliant with the SEC as they were before.

We’re doing the same thing for issuers who are moving their XBRL work to us. I wrote on this recently.

Certainly, the tactical path to XBRL compliance is not the same for all companies – however the variables are generally company-sided issues: in-house knowledge of XBRL, CFO workload, levels of reporting sign-off and so forth. Our team will assess a company’s “XBRL sophistication” and recommend a plan.

Contact us here to get our plan for your next XBRL filing. Now is the time that your taxonomies onboarding is done.

Have a great day.


3 responses to “SEC compliance is like pregnancy

  1. You are a funny bastard, Brad. You get your point across

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