Survey says… CEOS are client support, IROs are sales

If you have not completed the Cornell University – BNY Mellon Investor Relations Global Trends Survey yet, please do. Click here to go to the portal.

This report exceptional for an investor relations department to benchmark their own efforts against other corporations. What is especially of interest is the depth: their report covers ALL market capitalizations GLOBALLY. Quite often “investor relation-ish stuff” does not include small and micro-cap data or insight.  (As a service provider that has products for all caps, I appreciate the study’s findings as it helps us customize our quiver of solutions.)


CHARTS: Percentage of time spent with the investment community: micro to mega (click the images to make them larger, BTW)


CEOs energy spent on “existing customers.” How much time does your CEO commit to this in 2012?


IROs energy is canvasing new business. More or less in 2012?


Mean results, with the CFO


Now in it’s 8th year, AND with the added analytical oomph of Cornell University, this global trend study is one of the most thorough “3rd Party” study of IR practices I have read in our space.

Take the time to take the survey. It helps us all. Click here to go to the portal.

Have a great day.

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