Put your (XBRL) money where your (IR) mouth is

We’ve had strong sales (go Team!!) in our investor relations and XBRL services this summer, wonderfully since we introduced our new “Re-balance IR” strategy at the NIRI 2012 Annual Conference.

From a VERY tactical vendor perspective, the conversation we are having with clients and prospects is quite literally “put your money where your month is”  ie: invest as much of your budget in initiatives that promote growth… and in our space, that means activities that find new investors ie: shareholder communications ie: tell your story.

Look at your entire IR and compliance budget combined. We had several clients switch (go Team!!) to our XBRL services and as a result, they have now freed-up thousands of dollars for investor relations. This is becoming very important for small and micro-cap companies.

A product that came out of this line of thinking is our Capital Markets Visibility 365 program ie: a wicked awesome value.

Click picture to enlarge.

Have a great day.


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