Twitter down. Yet StockTwits is full stream ahead for our clients!

Investor Relations, as an industry, has been talking about social media for quite a while now.  To generalize, IR is not very comfortable with it yet, for many reasons – real and imagined. One common discussion regarding Twitter is filtering the vast amount of non-relevant “tweets.”

DING! Enter our newest Capital Markets Visibility 365 partner StockTwits. The single brilliance of StockTwits is it is a self-contained TARGETED Twitter filter. We only discuss the markets.

It’s also very essential to understand that StockTwits is its OWN social media network that works with and independent of Twitter. A side benny of this targeted focus is apparent today.

Juggernaut Twitter has been down for many hours today ~ on a very busy EARNINGS DAY… yet our Capital Markets Visibility 365 clients’ news is still reaching the social media-based investors through StockTwits and their independent realm.

I can’t say anymore than that.


Have a great day.

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