Capital Markets Visibility 365 component #7: 600,000+ email introduction and alerts to investor members

“Buy and hold” + “individual investors” = BetterInvesting / NAIC. 

That’s the importance of our EXCLUSIVE next four elements in Capital Markets Visibility 365.  #7 includes an email introduction to their members that your company has joined as a corporate member.

No matter what you call them – retail, individual, self-directed, Main Street – this stakeholder base can be cultivated into a loyal SHAREholder base for your company… once you build a relationship.  The first step is an introduction via Capital Markets Visibility 365.


After the introduction, know this: the BetterInvesting memberbase is a very proactive and learned group. To be clear, when I say “learned,” I mean “really do their research before they buy and do not suffer fools gladly.”  These constituents are passionate about investing and their money.  This is not your retail-penny-stock-pump-and-dump crowd… and is exactly why Capital Markets Visibly 365 is a 12-month strategy. True IR takes time. 

Click here to read more about Capital Markets Visibility 365.

Click here to request more information – and to speak one of our account managers.

Have a great day.


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