Capital Markets Visibility 365 component #3: 16,800+ sector targeted communications to Sell-side analysts

Often considered the Holy Grail of Visibility, the next strategic step within Capital Markets Visibility 365 program is creating a consistent presence in front of your sectors’ Sell-side analysts.

Capital Markets Visibility 365 targets your 24 press releases to Sell-side analysts. It is a 12-month, 12-component communications strategy.

Each of your 24 press releases (per previous blog post) is emailed to over 700 Sell-side analysts. Why is this not “spam?” Because the email is sent from PR Newswire – which verifies it’s editorial and news pedigree. (Not some pump-and-dump firm.)

A Sell-side analyst works for a brokerage firm and evaluates companies for future earnings growth and other investment criteria. They sometimes place recommendations on stocks or other securities, typically phrased as “buy”, “sell”, or “hold.” They are incentivised by offering their recommendations to institutional investors’ clients, as well as by seeking investment banking deals with the firms they cover.

For many micro-cap clients, their company may be too small for an institution to begin coverage… however, analysts are keenly attuned to all the activities in their sector: new upcoming competitors, possible merger and acquisition opportunities, etc.

Building a consistent financial brand presence in front of these analysts now is simple and smart marketing.  Remember, their job is to find the next big thing. Isn’t that your company?

Click here to read more about Capital Markets Visibility 365.

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Have a great day.

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