New article underscores why PR Newswire partnered with StockTwits

Inside Investor Relations have just published “Investors explore social media: A look at why institutional investors have started using social media.”  This piece absolutely underscores our motives (view our announcement here) for embedding StockTwits IR into our exclusive Capital Markets Visibility 365 program.

Investors, both individual and institutional, are using social media. IR departments should, at the very least, be agile listeners. That’s it for now. Just listen. Capital Markets Visibility 365 provides IROs the full StockTwits monitoring and measurement capabilities simultaneously with the PR Newswire’s comprehensive news distribution and shareholder communications solutions.

Request a Capital Markets Visibility 365 demonstration here.

From the article:

“And he [StockTwits CEO Howard Lindzon] should know because it’s applications like StockTwits …that are making the endless sea of noise from social media more meaningful for investors.”

That’s an important point. Think of StockTwits as a proactive “Twitter filter.”  All conversations are about the market …and unlike “stock chat rooms,” StockTwits lock out anyone that is spamming or pump-and-dumping.

Read the full IR magazine article here.

Have a great day.

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