Wide exposure v. web disclosure: an unsolicited report

“PR Newswire clearly won the matchup, both in terms of overall performance and in terms of performance per dollar spent.”

An exciting tid-bit that happened while I was out “<hearting IR>”at the 2012 NIRI Annual Conference was a 100% unsolicited product / cost comparison of our deep distribution against a low cost “web disclosure” only newswire.

This was an exact apples-to-apples test.  I was not familiar with the firm who executed the test. Here are their results.

“…we continue to stand by our recommendation that PR Newswire provides both better performance and a better overall value.”

The results of this blind taste test are exactly in line with the audience consensus from the NIRI conference’s Tuesday session titled “Web Disclosure: High Seas or Smooth Sailing for Your Company.”  Web disclosure may be good enough for compliance, but not if you’re looking to reach shareholders and new investors.

In the vocabulary of professional communications, compliance is “the bare minimum.” As a marketer, I would state that doing the bare minimum outreach will not help your company grow.

Re-balance IR with communications strategies that focus on growth.

Contact us. And have a great day.

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