NIRI 2012 Annual Conference images: round three > dinner with partner Ipreo at the Seattle Aquarium

Keeping to your strengths is essential. It serves clients better. That’s why we partner with Ipreo, renowned for their Corporate Intelligence solutions for investor relations. BD Corporate is still the de facto leader for targeting. (I know, as I use to try to sell against them back in the old days)

To celebrate the ongoing success of our partnership, we co-sponsored a client dinner at the Seattle Aquarium with Ipreo.  Thank you to all of you that attended.  As you see in the snapshots below, it was a nice night!

Ipreo’s Kaitlin Dean

Not all the fish were in tanks

9:00 otter feeding scored high on the cute-o-meter

As confirmed by Ipreo’s Kate McKay (second from left)

Dennis Walsh of Sharon Merrill Associates and Karen Fisher, Forum Tools, seem leery of “The Otter Pelt Lady.”

Trevor Loe, SVP, PR Newswire with Francis Costello, COO, StockTwits partner Derwin Wallace

The party was a full house (try the starfish – it’s fresh)

Fellow #irchat-er Fabiane Goldstein from Brazil (left)

It’s all fun and games till someone loses an arm

Good work Bill -you caught the Thomson guy. Now, into the shark tank!

“OMG otters are gr8! ”

He <heart> IR and beer equally me thinks

Sunset from the aquarium deck

Love IR, yes. Hugs, no thanks.

Have a great day.

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